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Shaping the Future: Skills That Belong on Every Teaching CV

Written by

Mariapaula Arroyave

Date posted

11 October, 2023

The secret to a successful application for a teaching position is preparation. You can enhance your CV with a variety of skills to increase your chances of getting hired as a teacher. If you want to stand out in the competitive profession of teaching, your CV must emphasise the specific traits that make you an outstanding and influential teacher.


Teachers frequently have to juggle several tasks at once, making multitasking an important ability. It's crucial to include specific instances and use action-oriented language when highlighting your multitasking skills on your resume.

A great way to demonstrate your multi-tasking skills is by explaining how you handle the requirements of multiple students whilst also maintaining classroom order and promoting a healthy learning environment. This is often a challenge for teachers, as it can be difficult to deliver a lesson as planned and also make sure that all students are receiving the individual support they need.

Another way to demonstrate multitasking is by incorporating technology into your teaching techniques. You may give instances of how you manage devices, administer online platforms, and integrate digital tools in your classroom.


Creative teachers inspire curiosity, help develop a love for learning, and empower students to explore their own unique perspectives. Creativity helps enrich the learning experience but also helps students develop critical skills for the future. This encourages students to think outside of the box, while encouraging open-ended questions and discussions.

By creating original tasks, activities, or tasks for the classroom that encourage students to think critically and creatively, you can show off your own creativity. To show that you are committed to establishing a creative and innovative learning environment, include success stories and student results that came about because of your unique teaching techniques in your CV. By doing this, you'll not only distinguish yourself as a teacher but also highlight how crucial creativity is in the classroom.

Cultural Competence

This goes beyond diversity, it’s about creating an environment where every student feels valued, respected, and understood. This paves the way for effective teaching and is the groundwork for establishing inclusive learning environments. This key skill assists teachers in creating educational materials and approaches that recognise and value the diversity that is present in classrooms.

In your CV, demonstrate your cultural competence by giving examples of how you have promoted diversity in previous roles. These may include:

  • Incorporating diverse perspectives, authors, and cultures into the curriculum.
  • Offering language courses that reflect diversity of the students.
  • Creating inclusive reading lists that feature books and literature from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.
  • Decorating classrooms with materials that represent a variety of cultures, from flags and art to quotes and historical figures.
  • Celebrating important cultural festivals and holidays, both in the classroom and in school-wide events.

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