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Recruitment Resourcer

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Milton Keynes - Resourcer


Milton Keynes


Consulting & Resourcing

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£18,000 - £21,000 per annum

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Gary O'Connor

Date posted

15 September, 2021

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Recruitment Resourcer

Milton Keynes

Consulting & Resourcing


£18,000 - £21,000 per annum

Job Description

Coyle Personnel PLC​ Employee Role & Responsibilities

Recruitment Resourcer


To be aware of and work to help achieve the Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Division’s mission

To provide our Clients with a highly skilled, healthy and motivated workforce.

To work collaboratively with M&E Industry partners to improve the competence and behaviours of all our people and make safety the first priority in everything we do.

  • To ensure that all activities and processes under their control are completed as required by Coyle M&E Company Policies and procedures in relation to Health Safety Quality and Environmental Controls, 
  • To ensure clients requirements are fulfilled in a quality and timely manner.
  • To increase and develop a database of staff that will meet all current and future labour demands.
  • All staff supplied are competent to do the work they are supplied to do.
  • Identify opportunities to develop business with existing clients and identify new clients.
  • To identify any problems that could affect quality of service and suggest solutions.
  • To be proactive in improving the quality of services we offer to our clients
  • To complete all tasks by working to the Weekly Structure set by Line Manager.
  • To help develop processes and strategies to increase productivity.


  • Act as a dedicated point of contact for nominated clients dealing with all requests for Labour either from the Client or relevant Consultant
  • Record all orders received on Shift Booking System accurately to support midweek activity, weekend on-call operations, timesheet processing and identifying unfilled orders as part of company processes for continuous improvement.
  • Utilized all company databases and systems to search for and contact potential candidates to confirm availability.
  • Line up candidates for work, utilizing the Shift Booking System, ensuring they are: Competent, Compliant, informed of all relevant information for work and are in possession of all necessary equipment and paperwork for duties to be completed.
  • To ensure all requests for staff are supported by the appropriate client specific documentation/order, and to highlight any issues to the relevant Consultant.
  • Confirm all orders fulfilled to clients via email and other relevant members of the team as required.
  • Record details of all staff confirmed on M&E Shift Booking System.
  • Add notes to Shift Booking System to explain reasons for and controls in place for any Alerts raised by a booking prior to the shift going ahead.
  • Obtain authority to use sub-sponsored workers from their Primary Sponsor prior to assigning to a role, or ensure this is competed by deputy.
  • To check with booked staff that they have all the necessary Information, PPE and equipment to do the work they are supplied to do.
  • Ensure all workers are aware of M&E and Client specific requirements related to the completion and submission of timesheets for each booking.
  • Ensure all new starters are checked in on first shift and Client is contacted to confirm attendance.
  • Assist other members of the Resourcing Team to ensure as much work is filled as possible.
  • Ensure all timesheets are passed to payroll within the required timescales
  • Actively recruit new staff through canvassing, advertising etc…
  • Interview new candidates and ensure registration process is always completed fully.
  • Ensure all company registration documentation for new workers are completed correctly with all necessary evidence prior to submitting to compliance team.
  • Act as on-call when required completing all candidate check-ins.
  • Attend and contribute to team meetings
  • Read all staff briefings and ensure content is understood and ensure all Rail Workers do the same.
  • Deal with candidate queries regarding wages.
  • Visit Clients as and when required to do so (Normally accompanied by Line Manager or Consultant).
  • Organize and Co-Ordinate Random Drugs or Alcohol screenings.
  • Ensure KPIs set are achieved every month or provide necessary reasons why not.
  • Ensure monthly meeting completed and minuted with Line Manager.
  • Ensure necessary training checklist is completed.
  • Complete minimum of one site visit per month with Line Manager or Consultant.


Please sendyour CV's to  gary.oconnor@coyles.co.uk


Gary O'Connor

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