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Accommodation Strategy Manager




Project Management

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Competitive rates

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Judy Mitchell

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22 March, 2019

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Accommodation Strategy Manager


Project Management


Competitive rates

Job Description

Accommodation Strategy Manager


Purpose of the Job

To effectively identify necessary site office accommodation and welfare requirements across the project in line with the changing programme.


Principal Accountabilities

  • Strategically plan and recommend to senior management the most appropriate accommodation options available, in line with cost and programme to maintain effective business continuity through to completion.
  • Work with project managers and senior management to collect essential accommodation requirements for each site.
  • Collate information into smart reports and intuitively review data, analyse and calculate best option proposals for accommodation by evaluating location, cost, risk, programme, IT, availability, alternatives, logistics etc.
  • Work closely with PM’s at each site to understand the changing demands in the workforce over the programme, through to completion and post-completion for defects where applicable.
  • Critique workforce numbers proposed for each site against the programme and accommodation space available to validate projected occupants.
  • Identify any pending limitations on available space (i.e. external pressures, move dates, costs, licence or lease expiry dates, de-cant programmes, churn etc.), to understand any other specific site issues that may impact future desk and welfare use.
  • Prepare and regularly update tabulated reports and findings to identify current and proposed recommendations and risks concerning accommodation.
  • Proactively work with the project team and any consultants necessary to seek suitable alternative office and welfare accommodation proposals. Where necessary look to utilise other available site accommodation from other sites where applicable.
  • Strategically analyse data provided to identify pending issues, costs and available options.
  • Propose recommendations to help provide the best logistical and most cost effect accommodation solutions for business continuity.
  • Prepare board papers, cost reports and any other supporting information necessary to present findings at senior management that identifies options, provide proposals, budget and/or recommendations.
  • Regularly update and revise options with PM’s and management as necessary.
  • Take reasonable care of your own and others’ health and safety and of those who may be affected in the day-to-day delivery of this role by taking personal responsibility for working to the Target Zero principles.
  • Co-operate within all matters relating to health and safety, including following safe working procedures at all times
  • Act as a role model for vision and values, behaving in ways that are in alignment with Ways of Working.  Encourage and support others to do so too
  • Promote equality in the workplace and adopt appropriate behaviour when interacting with colleagues.
  • Take necessary care to properly protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information from unauthorised disclosure, modification or destruction.  Never knowingly put information or information systems at risk.


Main challenges of the job

  • Successfully integrating into each of the project teams to understand the localised office space pressures and demands facing each project across London.
  • Ability to gain PM teams trust, confidence and receipt of reliable workforce information that aligns to their change in programme.
  • Developing a suitable reporting model and plan that demonstrate what exists, the constraints and what is required for the future, together with pros and cons
  • Strategically reviewing and planning the best options to facilitate business continuity presenting options, issues and solutions for approval and budget.
  • Managing the assigned budget for accommodation where applicable.
  • Working with PM’s and management to seek alternative accommodation where required either in-house from other sites, Transport for London or elsewhere, outsourced through external means within possible tight deadlines.

Person Specification

  • Experience in either property, accounting or facilities management with a good understanding of property churn, logistics, and programme evaluation within a construction environment.
  • Ability to build strong working relationships at the senior level.
  • Highly competent in the collation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data.
  • Ability to produce an overall strategy and manage it through for site-wide accommodation across London.
  • Highly competent in the preparation and presentation of reports and budgets at the senior level.
  • Experience managing consultants and budgets for relocations and accommodation.

Judy Mitchell

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