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Land and Estates Asset Manager - Rail

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Project Management

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Competitive rates

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Judy Mitchell

DDI 01189 550 625

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12 November, 2020

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Land and Estates Asset Manager - Rail


Project Management


Competitive rates

Job Description

Land and Estates Asset Manager

Purpose of the Job

To manage core estate and land management occupational data, records and estate plans, tracking transfers and accounting for interim changes and final occupation of all land required to build and operate the railway.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Develop records and electronic data, demonstrating and auditing trail of land use by who, where and when across the estate through to completion and where applicable exchange of good title.
  • Manage, maintain and update the Estates Management System (EMS) which holds the estates computerised land data.
  • Work with the Estates team and Estates Management System regularly maintain the milestone tracker.
  • Collate the changing status of user occupation, where and when to produce a reporting dashboard on the status of custodianship and planned land transfers.
  • Manage, maintain and update the changing areas for each project across London as land transfers from one user to another ultimately through to the end user.
  • Keep an audit trail in EMS of the land exchanges across the entire route, working with the Estates Senior CAD Coordinator to map in GIS.
  • On overall completion of each project, check through historical database records, final handback certificates and mapping information to verify that all related sites used by each party have been successfully returned to the appropriate end user.
  • Manage existing land referencing contracts and budget where necessary.
  • Act as main source to access the Property Register (CPR), which holds archived land acquisition data and notices served.
  • Manage access to Land Registry to check lease and freehold titles where applicable.
  • Manage and maintain the interactive mapping systems to provide an accurate, reliable source of information that reflects the status at any given time.
  • Assist in practically managing some on-site final handback transfers to exchange estate land from the last outgoing contractor to final incoming end user.
  • If or when required assist other land departments in the recognition of other land title gaps as where identified for clean-up of title with TfL and others.
  • Take reasonable care of your own and others’ health and safety and of those who may be affected in the day-to-day delivery of this role by taking personal responsibility for working to Target Zero principles.
  • Co-operate in all matters relating to health and safety, including following safe working procedures at all times.
  • Act as a role model for vision and values, behaving in ways that are in alignment with Ways of Working. Encourage and support others to do so too.
  • Promote equality in the workplace and adopt appropriate behaviour when interacting with colleagues.
  • Take necessary care to properly protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information from unauthorised disclosure, modification or destruction. Never knowingly put information or information systems at risk.

 Main challenges of the job

  • Quickly understanding, managing and regularly updating the Estates Management System database and Milestone Tracker.
  • Quickly understanding the information contained in and how to access the archived Property Register (CPR) database.
  • Quickly understanding the estate area and who is currently in occupation where.
  • Regularly updating and analysing estates information to produce in excel a monthly dashboard report that shows historic and forecast land transfer programme and pending resource demands to successfully implement.
  • Collating handover certificates and amending boundaries to reflect the frequent changes in custodianship across the estate, providing an audit trail accounting for what land goes where until the estate is finally determined.
  • Cross referencing acquired registered land titles against actual on site as built drawings to determine title gaps where applicable.
  • Providing on-going support to the Estates Senior Property Manager on an ad hoc basis, attending meetings, providing statistics, reports and status updates in relation to land acquisition, land transfer and operational boundary matters as requested.
  • Managing land referencing contractors and Transport for London (TfL) property consultant’s when required for assistance.

Person Specification

  • A postgraduate or similar experience
  • Capable of quickly learning estate management IT database systems with excellent skills and the ability to produce and update Estate reports, information spreadsheets and dashboards.
  • Exemplary skills in Microsoft systems for reporting in particular excel.
  • Experience of a project organisation, task management and project planning, preferably related to land and property but not essential.
  • Experience or keen willingness to work with digital mapping systems and land registry records.
  • Experience of managing quality standards.
  • Experience in external and internal stakeholder management.
  • Good communication and team building skills, especially between a variety of professional disciplines.
  • Some understanding of the compulsory purchase process or provisions Act would be helpful.

Please contact Ethan on :- 07833482023


Judy Mitchell

DDI 01189 550 625

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