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Construction Superintendant


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Judy Mitchell

01908 487 702



Construction Superintendant



Purpose of the Job

To support the Business to enable the contractor to efficiently honour their contract through the coordination of interfaces, interrogation of his programme, and the monitoring and reporting of progress for a particular area of responsibility.


Principal Accountabilities

Support the Business in relation to the following:


Supporting the Project Manager in preparing communications and instructions to contractors in accordance with the Works Contracts Administration Procedures.

Overseeing construction activities of construction contracts within the area of responsibility at each geographic location or system based area.

Monitoring the contractor’s management of direct hire and subcontract relations, and facilitating the utility/rail interfaces on site.

Supporting interfaces between the assigned principle contractor and other adjacent or follow-on contracts on site.

Monitoring programme objectives and contractor progress and performance against the contract milestones and current accepted programme; reviewing productivity of installed quantities against forecasts.

Completing daily reports; keeping the Project Construction Manager informed of contract and site progress & performance.

Supporting the Project Manager in key stakeholder relationships in coordination with the contractor and community relations officers; monitoring contractor’s activity in community relations and performance against the Commitment Compliance Plan.

Providing constructability input during review of contractor/engineering submissions.

Interrogating the contractor’s Work Programme and liaising with the contractor to seek notice of activities and interventions.

Monitoring contractors compliance with contractual requirements regarding mobilisation and logistics

Providing support to the Project Field Engineer in monitoring Contractor compliance with the Construction Quality Plan, and in resolution of NCRs and Snag List items at contract level.

Monitoring and supporting the contractor’s compliance with Environmental, Safety & Health requirements, escalating issues and seeking intervention where required. Checking there is a satisfactory level of health and safety through taking reasonable care of own and others’ health and safety and of those who may be affected in the day-to-day delivery of this role

The review and acceptance of Contractor initiated submittals as specified in the CMDL.

The implementation of the Review and Acceptance of Safe Systems of Work Procedure.

Take reasonable care of your own and others’ health and safety and of those who may be affected in the day-to-day delivery of this role by taking personal responsibility for working to Target Zero principles.

Co-operate in all matters relating to health and safety, including following safe working procedures at all times.

Act as a role model for vision and values, behaving in ways that are in alignment with Ways of Working. Encourage and support others to do so too.

Promote equality in the workplace and adopt appropriate behaviour when interacting with colleagues.

Take necessary care to properly protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information from unauthorised disclosure, modification or destruction. Never knowingly put information or information systems at risk.


Main Challenges of the Job


Supporting the Business in monitoring the progress of the works against programme and tracking site activity

Supporting the Business in protecting reputation through management of stakeholders and monitoring contractor compliance with consents, U&A, and community relations.

Supporting the Business in managing interfaces with other contracts and third parties beyond the contractor’s control.



Person Specification


Experience of managing the construction of significant value packages of work on comparable major project infrastructure works

Knowledge and experience of construction quality systems and processes

Understanding of project controls processes

Knowledge and experience of site-based ES&H processes and procedures

Prior experience supervising and administering subcontractors.

Knowledge of the use of subcontracts; knowledge of the contractor/ subcontractor’s responsibilities contained in subcontract documents







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Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change

Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change