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Senior Railway Integration Planner


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Judy Mitchell




Senior Railway Integration Planner



Purpose of the Job

The purpose of this job is to produce and maintain a coordinated Railway Integration programme to support the completion and handover into operations, in accordance with its Delivery and Handover strategies.

This will include:

  1. Leading the coordination of work scopes for all parties involved in the testing & commissioning, integration and bringing-into-use into a single programme plan
  2. Establishing the concept for the Railway Integration plan and reviewing its representation in schedules, including liaison with the project teams and infrastructure managers
  3. Identifying and maintaining programme/project milestones for Railway Integration and schedule interface activity, and reviewing project activities to ensure support of these
  4. Managing the planning of all Railway Integration activity, and preparing and reporting on both a weekly and periodic basis against Level 1 and Level 2 Railway Integration schedules
  5. Principal Accountabilities

Responsible for working with all disciplines to ensure a full understanding of their total project schedule needs, and acquiring scope definition data to define an integrated schedule

Identifying any problems resulting from interdisciplinary interfaces, understanding their effects, and integrating schedule activities together into a total programme schedule

In conjunction with the Area Planners, preparing and or reviewing logic and durations to determine whether the schedules will adequately support the overall programme

Supervising and directing the calculation of durations for all disciplines’ activities, relative to the support of programme milestones, and reviewing and evaluating progress

Supervising/directing project schedule staffing and quantity reporting

Monitoring and reporting upon the critical path and schedule performance of the total project

Issuing progress reports in support of the programme’s reporting processes

Performing project schedule analysis, and studies of problem areas, and to recommend alternatives for schedule improvement to all disciplines for discussion and/or decision

Responsible for leading the development and review of schedule recovery plans, including evaluation of additional resources/costs required to affect such plans

Compiling and maintaining historical schedule data, and being responsible for ensuring that schedule backup and archiving is carried out in accordance with programme requirements

Take reasonable care of your own and others’ health and safety and of those who may be affected in the day-to-day delivery of this role by taking personal responsibility for working to Target Zero principles

Co-operate in all matters relating to health and safety, including following safe working procedures at all times

Act as a role model for vision and values, behaving in ways that are in alignment with Ways of Working. Encourage and support others to do so too

Promote equality in the workplace and adopt appropriate behaviour when interacting with colleagues

Take necessary care to properly protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information from unauthorised disclosure, modification or destruction. Never knowingly put information or information systems at risk


Main challenges of the job

Working with all parties involved in the Programme to ensure that we have a plan to deliver an integrated, end-to-end Railway

Ensuring that appropriate dependencies between the various separate plans are represented in the schedule

Developing and maintaining a range of reports to demonstrate overall status of integration - ranging from the detailed level, through to Board-level 1-page summaries



Person Specification

Relevant degree in systems integration or supply chain or business management

Experience in programme management of major projects

Experience in translating complex strategies into clear plans to deliver specific objectives

Experience in Six Sigma planning and analysis techniques

Experience in NEC3 contracts

Experience in performing, monitoring, and reviewing planning and scheduling functions, which include schedule development, control, and analysis, in the field and the home office. Skilled in oral and written communication.

Proficiency with PC operating systems, with proficiency in several basic software applications.

Proficiency with multiple discipline specific software applications such as Primavera (P6) and Microsoft Office Applications, Visio, PowerPoint, and excel, for example

Experience of engineering, procurement, contracts, construction, and start-up work processes.

Knowledge of engineering and construction management customarily acquired over time through specialized instruction or practical experience.






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Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change

Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change