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Senior T&C Coordinator – Stations, Portals, Shafts


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Judy Mitchell

Senior T&C Coordinator – Stations, Portals, Shafts




Purpose of the Job

To support the Employer in implementing the approved strategy for Testing and Commissioning and supporting the individual Station, Portals and Shafts projects, Tier I contractor’s and nomiated suppliers in fulfilling all Testing and Commissioning requirements of the works information in a manner that ensures full integration between contracts across the Central Operating Section.

Principal Accountabilities

Support the Employer coordinating and supporting project teams in relation to the following:

Overseeing and supporting the individual project teams in implementing individual Testing and Commissioning plans

Supporting the Tier 1 contractor in managing interfaces during Commissioning and conducting dynamic testing across multiple contracts.

Reviewing Testing and Commissioning documentation produced by the individual Contractors

Create, manage and lead project level working groups related with Testing and Commissioning

Monitor/report progress towards Testing & Commissioning of Station, Portals, Shafts Contracts to the Lead Testing & Commissioning Coordinator

Provide input to the Commissioning Planner for incorporation in the Dashboard and Integrated Programme

Provide clarity and communication to the project delivery teams on the Testing and Commissioning Process

Collaborate and co-operate with other entities involved in Testing & Commissioning (Planning; Chief Engineer’s Group; Rail Systems & Commissioning; Integration).

Support development of integrated Testing and Commissioning programmes that demonstrate the coordination of systems through the Central Operating Section in support of the overall programme for delivery.

Support the Testing and Commissioning Certification Process.

Ensure evidence of satisfactory Testing and Commissioning results are compiled and processed in support of the handover strategy.

Take reasonable care of your own and others’ health and safety and of those who may be affected in the day-to-day delivery of this role by taking personal responsibility for working to Target Zero principles.

Co-operate with in all matters relating to health and safety, including following safe working procedures at all times

Act as a role model for vision and values, behaving in ways that are in alignment with Ways of Working. Encourage and support others to do so too

Promote equality in the workplace and adopt appropriate behaviour when interacting with colleagues

Take necessary care to properly protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information from unauthorised disclosure, modification or destruction. Never knowingly put information or information systems at risk

Main challenges of the job

Supporting the Employer in relation to understanding and ensuring the coordination and integration of Testing and Commissioning activities to fulfil all defined requirements, including schedule, cost, and self-assured quality for assigned systems/assets.

Influencing a matrix organisation at project level to deliver a successful and Integrated Testing & Commissioning strategy

Building and maintaining strong working relationships with all the key stakeholders in a large multi tier infrastructure project


Person Specification

Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline.

Experience in the design of building/station mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) systems

Knowledge of industry work processes for Testing and Commissioning building services

Knowledge and understanding of working arrangements with joint ventures, alliances and consortiums.

Experience in Testing & commissioning, ideally of MEP Systems

Ability to effectively work within a matrix organization.

Knowledge of cross functional work processes and interface knowledge, especially Project Controls, Quality management and the ability to manage the relationships/interfaces with management and functional groups.

Understanding of Health & Safety requirements for Civil Engineers and Railway construction projects including CDM regulations.




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Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change

Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change