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Bournemouth, Dorset

Competitive salary



Ashley James

020 7562 1807

Competitive Salary


Job Family: Financial Services

Location: Dorset

Reports to: Senior Category Manager (Supervision)

Main job purpose

To ensure that all spend on goods, services and capital made by DCC in your nominated sub categories delivers best value for Dorset’s residents.

To deliver agreed levels of cashable savings while improving the quality of goods and services provided by the suppliers to DCC.

Main job role

Establish Category Management as a key discipline within your nominated sub categories in all parts of DCC.

Establish your network of key stakeholders and communicate regularly with them in order to understand their needs and ensure your suppliers are meeting these needs in a cost effective manner.

Significantly improve value for money derived from all DCC spend in your sub categories.

Main responsibilities and duties

To introduce Strategic Sourcing in DCC which delivers continual improvements in the long term in spend management for DCC. To create category plans for your areas of expenditure in DCC.

Manage and deliver the savings targets in your spend categories in DCC.

Ensure that your sourcing plan and saving strategies supports DCC’s corporate aims and priorities.

Manage all the suppliers that are used in your sub categories, including:

• Regular review meetings with key suppliers to monitor performance against SLAs and KPIs and constantly review activities to ensure all goods and services are delivered to optimise value for money to DCC
• Selecting suppliers that meet DCC’s needs
• Manage supplier numbers to ensure efficiencies are delivered through supplier consolidation
• Maintain in date, relevant and fit for purpose contracts with key suppliers
• To have agreed service agreements with all suppliers
• To be the first point of contact for potential new suppliers
• To authorise the use of any new suppliers
• To check suppliers are charging the correct amounts
• To ensure all suppliers are meeting the needs of DCC
• To ensure that DCC interfaces with suppliers in an efficient and effective manner
• To stop unauthorised spend in your categories
• To have contingency plans in place in the event of a key supplier failure
• Minimise DCC’s risks from poor supplier performance
• Maintaining DCC’s management information systems to ensure supplier information is up to date

Work with other public sector organisations to bring about improvements in spend management in your categories.

Attend and contribute to meetings, conferences and seminars in Dorset, regionally and nationally in accordance with the requirements of the post.

Ensure corporate policies and procedures, including sustainability, health and safety, diversity and IIP are integrated into all procurement activity.

Any other duties as designated by the Head of Procurement.Supervision & management

Responsible for allocation of work to colleagues and checking of others work for accuracy and adherence to policy and procedure




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Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change

Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change