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South East London

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Ruth Zakari



To develop and maintain key business applications and associated processes for the Council and ensure they meet and exceed the performance standards; to co-ordinate the daily operation, development and rationalisation of nominated applications; to research the industry for the most suitable applications for the business, taking into account the Council’s standards for compatibility and its current strategy for rationalising business applications.




  1. Ensure that the Council’s Business Applications and systems adequately provide a service to end users and customers. In addition that the information contained within the application is current, accurate and available when required.


  1. Monitoring and implementation of the computing applications strategy implementation plan, identifying issues that need addressing and recommending actions.


  1. Work with third party ICT suppliers to carry out risk assessments and develop robust continuity and disaster recovery plans.


  1. Ensure that existing applications are consistently rationalised and optimised so that the Council realises the full benefits of its business applications.


  1. Research the applications sector for succession planning to enable systems conversion.


  1. Identify and develop appropriate opportunities for partnership working with both internal and external partners for the mutual benefit and enhancement of knowledge, skills and service delivery.




  1. Evidence of continuing managerial and professional development.


  1. High level knowledge of applications support and development


  1. Knowledge of local government planning and development control business processes; good working knowledge of Acolaid planning and building control system (or comparable)


  1. Significant experience of business analysis and managing and developing business applications


  1. Experience of working in a large organization, with ability to negotiate the relationships between different parts of the organization


  1. Able to influence and negotiate with peers, team members, service providers, customers and other key players.


  1. Able to analyse and accurately evaluate a broad range of data and information. Identifies key business objectives and/or service needs. Investigates, reflects on and rationalizes information to reach measured conclusions.


  1. Is sensitive to the needs of internal and external customers and is constantly striving to achieve customer satisfaction. Demands a strong customer focus from all staff and recognizes the business imperative of customer satisfaction.


  1. Able to speak clearly and present ideas in a coherent, succinct and structured way. Produces written information that is clear and succinct. Presents ideas in a well-structured format and in a manner appropriate to the context of the recipient.



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Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change

Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change