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Forensic Mental Health Practitioner



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Ealing, Ealing - Greater London

£25.00 per hour



Misbah Baig




·         To provide  comprehensive Social Work assessments and interventions to patients.

·         To undertake pre-admission assessments.

·         To undertake, concise and analytical social history reports.

·         To promote social work values, perspectives and anti-discriminatory practice as a key member of the multi-disciplinary team

·         To develop and maintain effective working relationships with relevant local authorities, other external and internal departments, medium secure units and other stakeholders.

·         To  produce high quality, well argued reports for CPA’s, MHT’s, Managers Hearings and MAPPA.

·         To attend and represent the Social Work Team at MHT’s, CPA meetings, Managers Hearings

·         To represent the Social Work Team and present Social Work reports under cross examination in Mental Health Tribunals and other formal settings

·         To establish and maintain links with families and Carers, and promote Carers assessments

·         To take a lead role within the multi-disciplinary teams for Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Adult issues and implement and review safeguarding plans.

·         To undertake the role of Appropriate Adult as outlined by PACE and attend regular training updates in this role.

·         To gather information for assessment and risk analysis from statutory, voluntary or other agencies where there has been service user contact. and from family members and carers.  To use this information to formulate comprehensive risk management strategies

·         Maintain up to date comprehensive records that are accurate, timely and evidence based.

·         To work in accordance with LB Ealing and WLMHT policies and protocols.




·         To provide timely relevant and high quality reports for the MHT, CPA’s and Managers Hearings.

·         To provide comprehensive assessments, including social history reports and pre-admission assessments to the clinical teams.

·         To be responsible for a caseload.

·         To attend and represent the Social Work Team at clinical team meetings and other relevant meetings as directed.

·         To liaise with and provide comprehensive ongoing assessments with the families and carers of those detained within the hospital.

·         To network and liaise with a host of external agencies, for example

o   Probation Service, including victim Liaison

o   Medium Secure Services

o   Local Authority Social Services

o   Voluntary and private agencies

o   Police

o   Ministry of Justice

o   Other High Secure Hospitals.

·         To attend and contribute constructively to all Social Work Team meetings and demonstrate a consistent “team player” approach

·         To produce high quality risk assessments / management plans that are evidence based.

·         To ensure that work is conducted within and meets the requirements of the National Standards/National Quality Principles for Forensic Social Work

·         To act as CPA care-co-ordinator on identified cases

·         To deliver relevant training within the hospital and briefings to external agencies.

·         To participate in shadowing exercises in non-forensic services where the need to maintain knowledge of external agencies has been identified through  the Appraisal process

·         To attend LB Ealing training events and other Social Work forums as required.

·         To ensure that diversity and ADP is integrated into all aspects of work, with service users and colleagues.

·         To deliver presentations within the Trust, Ealing Council and to external agencies on aspects of Forensic Social Work

·         Manage work to ensure personal safety and security of self and others, contributing to the development of a safe working environment.

·         To contribute to and act on the annual appraisal targets set.

·         To be responsible for all matters relating to data protection and adhere to Trust and LB Ealing policies.

·         To maintain appropriate professional registration.

·         To maintain an awareness of current thinking and new developments in mental health legislation regarding mentally disordered offenders.

·         To contribute and assist other agencies carry out their statutory duties under Safeguarding, Mental Health and Criminal Justice legislation, and to provide reports and documentation in these instances as required.

·         To represent the Social Work department on admissions panels.

·         To participate in seclusion reviews as required.

·         To work as directed cross site between Broadmoor Hospital and West London Forensic Service as directed.




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Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change

Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change