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Neighbourhood Housing Officer



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Bournemouth, Dorset

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Ruth Zakari



  • The Neighbourhood Housing Officer (NHO) is responsible for a diverse portfolio of homes. For this portfolio the NHO will:
  • Maximise the Association’s income through the proper and effective management of the Association’s assets.
  • Provide a comprehensive housing and neighbourhood management service, checking service quality and implementing pro-active measures to deal with local issues.
  • Contribute to marketing strategies through the development and capturing of local knowledge, customer information and the co-ordination of external resources.
  • To encourage residents to participate in the Association’s activities through existing structures and Resident associations.




  • To ensure that the Neighbourhood Team Manager is informed immediately of any matter which may threaten the operational viability and/or reputation of the Association or its subsidiaries



  • To demonstrate a commitment to issues such as customer care, confidentiality, equality and diversity and best value.

o             Meet the standards of service outlined in the Customer Service Pledge.

o             Deliver services that are good value for money.

o             Communicate effectively with customers.

o             Comply with the Call Handling Service Level Agreement.

o             Ensure that complaints about service delivery are dealt with according to the Association’s policies and procedures.

o             Collect and review customer information and change the service provision accordingly.

o             Review customer satisfaction on service provision on a regular basis and change the service provision accordingly.



  • To promote a culture of payment within the customer base.

o             Reinforcing the message of responsibility at the initial tenancy visit and any subsequent contact with residents.

o             Offer residents advice on the control of household debt and welfare benefits.

o             Offering advice to residents on any legal process and the options and remedies available to them.


  • To provide support to the Income Recovery Team when required in accordance with the SLA.

o             Supporting the negotiation of payment agreements with residents.

o             The service of Notices of Seeking Possession.

o             Represent the Association at Court in possession and other enforcement proceedings relating to arrears.


  • To assist with the calculation of the service charge budgets.



  • To keep void costs within target by minimising empty property rent loss and relet expenditure.

o             Undertake pre-void inspection’s, ensure works are ordered and completed and that the property is let in an acceptable condition.

o             Undertake assessments of waiting list applicants and nominees through a home visit prior to any offer of accommodation.

o             Undertake a comprehensive viewing and sign up process with new residents to ensure that the tenancy obligations are fully understood.

o             Monitor local housing trends, identify changing patterns of demand and be aware of the activities of other organisations in the neighbourhood.



  • To make customers aware of their obligations under their tenancy agreement or lease.


  • To provide support to residents to sustain their tenancies.

o             Offer advice on tenancies and deal with any changes of tenancy.

o             Identify those residents whose general welfare is threatened in any way and to pursue such actions with relatives, neighbours and/or statutory/voluntary services required to deal with such problems.

o             Provide support for any requests for permission for actions to support residents in their home, e.g. aids and adaptation requests.

o             Facilitate existing residents being able to move to alternative accommodation through local and national mobility and transfer schemes including mutual exchanges.



  • To provide a comprehensive Neighbourhood Management Service

o             Manage Estate staff based at schemes and to ensure that their performance is monitored and appraised on a regular basis.

o             Monitor the quality of estates through regular inspections and initiate any remedial action required.

o             Monitor any contracts or agreements in place through Neighbourhood Services and deal with any performance issues that arise.


  • To identify and undertake neighbourhood development projects

o             Undertake assessment of scheme sustainability and identify schemes where estate strategies are required.

o             Undertake and co-ordinate actions and involvement in accordance with any estate strategy.

o             Research, pursue and access funding opportunities and resources that are of benefit to residents and the neighbourhood.

o             Ensure accurate records are maintained of neighbourhood projects on the iNBiz database (INVEST).


  • To deal with all reports of nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

o             Ensure cases are dealt with promptly and in accordance with the Association’s policies and procedures and are recorded on Active H.

o             Undertake enforcement action using both legal and non-legal remedies and to represent the Association at Court in possession and other enforcement proceedings relating to breaches of the Conditions of Tenancy.

o             Represent the Association at case conferences.



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Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change

Pay Rates

Please note: Rates are correct at time of posting and are an approximate indication only. Rates are subject to change