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Coyle Rail Continue to Invest in Network Rail Apprentices

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

9 February, 2024

Coyle Rail, a leading recruiter in the UK Railway Industry with over 34 years of experience, is taking significant strides to harness talent through its active apprenticeship initiatives. At present, we’re proud to boast 11 active apprentices partaking in the Level 3 Railway Engineering Technician Apprenticeship programme in tandem with Network Rail.

This #NationalApprenticeshipWeek, we’re shining a light on the next generation of skilled rail professionals thanks to our thriving apprenticeship programme. Our Gold Status Membership with The 5% Club underscores this dedication to developing the careers of young rail workers and our ambition to remain the number one provider of qualified rail professionals to Network Rail.


The Background Behind Coyle Rail's Apprenticeship Program:

Courtesy of our extensive experience as leaders in the rail recruitment industry, we position ourselves as a trailblazer in providing apprenticeship opportunities. As a team, we recognise the critical role apprenticeships play in addressing the skills gap within the rail sector. It’s why Coyle Rail's apprenticeships are designed to not only act as a means of career development, but also maximise the potential of workers from all backgrounds within our local community.


Their Progress to Date:

The Level 3 Railway Engineering Technician Apprenticeship, commenced with the aim of developing technical, educational, and leadership knowledge and skills among participants. Currently, 11 apprentices are actively engaged in the programme, with 5 based in Enfield and 6 in Bristol. These apprentices are working on Network Rail Frontline Labour contracts in the Anglia and Western routes, contributing to the operational excellence of the rail network.

During a recent visit to view the progress of our apprentices in Reading, our Operations Director, Billy McNeill, had the opportunity to join Dave Challis from Intertrain and engage with them as they undertook 1-to-1s and collective reviews. Billy, speaking on the visit, highlighted the significance of the apprenticeship in closing the skills gap within the Technical and Supervisory areas of PWay Track. His presence on the day emphasises our belief in hands-on involvement during the apprentices' learning journey.


The Role of Coyle Rail in UK Railway Network:

Through apprenticeships, Coyle Rail not only addresses the immediate needs of the industry but also contributes to the long-term sustainability of a skilled workforce. We have been providing recruitment and employment services to the Rail industry since 1996. Today, we are top-level, trusted partners to many of the biggest Rail employers in the UK. Our staff work on some of the largest and most innovative Rail projects all over the country.


In conclusion, we’re immensely proud of all our Level 3 Railway Engineering Technician Apprentices who are developing both technical expertise and leadership skills. Thanks to our apprenticeship programme, Coyle Rail is actively contributing to the growth and sustainability of the UK Railway Industry, helping to build a more talented workforce for future generations. As National Apprenticeship Week continues, we’d like to celebrate our commitment to nurturing talent and providing invaluable opportunities for apprentices within the rail sector.

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