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Social Value

Winter’s Champion of Social Value: Carolyn Davy (Coyle Rail)

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

29 February, 2024

Since announcing Grace Gaskin as our Autumn Champion of Social Value, Coyle Personnel have continued to work towards its social value objectives and make a positive impact in the local community. When looking back on 2023, some of our proudest achievements include the successful employment of NEETs across the business, the significant upskilling of our rail workers and the implementation of Mental Health First Aiders in almost all our offices.

This quarter, we’re extremely proud to award Carolyn Davy the title of Winter’s Champion of Social Value following the pivotal role she has played in fulfilling the environmental aspects of our social value plan.


Reducing Coyle Personnel’s Carbon Footprint

Coyle Personnel is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this goal, we’ve adopted reduction targets in the following four areas:

  • Recycling
  • Digitalised Timesheets
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Offsetting

By focusing on these targets, Coyle Personnel has witnessed a 28.8% reduction in carbon emissions from 6.54 (tCO2e)/£1m turnover to 4.66 (tC02e)/£1m turnover since 2021; 34% lower than our projected target of 5.30 (tC02e)/£1m turnover. In her role as HSQE Support Officer, Carolyn has been a frontrunner in developing strategies to help us as a business become carbon neutral. Whether it be installing LED lighting in all our offices, offering dedicated recycling facilities for staff, or supporting us in becoming a paperless company, Carolyn has played a pivotal role in the success of our Carbon Reduction Plan.

As a Social Value Quality Mark Level 1 accredited organisation, Coyle Personnel recognise that we have an obligation to look after our local, regional, and global environment. It’s for this reason that Carolyn has been committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. An example of one of these improvements has been changing our Head Office in Harrow to a Green Energy Provider.


Carolyn’s Commitment to Environmental Compliance

To ensure that Coyle Personnel are compliant with all environmental compliance obligations, Carolyn spends many hours travelling across the country to visit all our offices to carry out regular checks. This may involve verifying the use of LED lighting, confirming proper recycling practices are in place, or that lights and equipment are turned off when not being used. Coyle Personnel calculate all our emissions using a carbon calculator so we can hold ourselves accountable for offsetting our use of electricity and fuel.

It’s the culmination of all the little things that have granted Carolyn the title of ‘Winter’s Social Value Champion’, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work she is doing to help us align with the Greening Government Commitments targets. Coyle Personnel, for example, now utilise fully electric or hybrid company vehicles, prioritise online meetings where possible, encourage all our staff to drive sustainably, and maximise the use of natural light through sensible office layout.


Our Vocal Leader in Environmental Enterprise

In addition to leading our efforts to reduce Coyle Personnel’s carbon footprint and ensuring environmental compliance across the business, Carolyn is also a leading figure when it comes to informing all staff members of our environmental policies, such as our highly participated in cycle-to-work scheme.

Stored within our very own company-wide intranet system, Coyle Personnel’s environment policy statements outline our management programmes and objectives that will enable us to achieve carbon NetZero status. Carolyn openly communicates with all the offices that she visits about the benefit of adopting carbon reduction initiatives and the progress we are making as a business towards achieving our objectives.

Every employee has an expectation to comply with our environmental policies and it’s the role of our HQSE staff to ensures that all new starters are correctly briefed with all the relevant information so they too can work with us to meet our environmental goals.


Honouring Carolyn’s Continued Efforts

Carolyn’s efforts not only contribute to the organisation's social value goals but also help to encourage a sense of collective responsibility and engagement. Her unwavering advocacy for sustainable practices and environmental responsibility within the organisation sets a commendable standard for other employees at Coyle Personnel. As the deserving recipient of the Winter's Champion of Social Value, Carolyn Davy is inspiring a culture of purpose-driven actions and environmental stewardship within our Coyle Personnel offices.

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