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Coyle Personnel's Social and Community pledges underscore our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact beyond the workplace. We believe in the power of social responsibility and community engagement to create a better world. Our pledges reflect our commitment to actively support local communities through volunteering, charitable contributions, and partnerships with organisations that align with our values.

By prioritising social and community initiatives, we aim to give back, strengthen relationships, and contribute to the well-being of the societies we are a part of. Through our Social and Community endeavors, we aspire to create lasting change and leave a positive legacy in the areas where we operate.

1. To support initiatives that are close to each of our offices. Engaging employees to raise funds and feel proud to support their local community.

Donations and/or in-kind contributions to specific local community projects. Using 2023 as a baseline year and setting increase targets for future years.

2. We pledge to encourage and enable our employees to share their knowledge and expertise about their profession with young people, showing them the possibilities that exist.

Innovative measures to promote local skills and employment (i.e at UTCs), co-designing these with other stakeholders and communities. In 2023, setting up partnerships and agreeing total hours spent volunteering in local community.

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