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Social Value

Autumn’s Champion of Social Value: Grace Gaskin (Coyle Education)

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

6 November, 2023

In line with Coyle Personnel’s social value plan, we’re looking to shine a spotlight on some of our Champions of Social Value. One name which stands out above everyone else is the leader of our Coyle Education team, Grace Gaskin.

Displaying a true commitment to enhancing the careers of the candidates she works with; Grace embodies the spirit of Coyle Personnel's social value plan in every initiative her team undertakes. As the first recipient of this title, we’re thrilled to announce Grace Gaskin as a Champion in Social Value.


Empowering Employees Through Recognition and Support

Grace's imprint on Coyle Personnel's social value landscape is tangible and profound. Starting this September, she introduced the "Candidate of the Month" programme, an initiative that not only spotlights outstanding performance but also celebrates the embodiment of Coyle Personnel's social value promises. It’s not just about professional achievements; it’s about the commitment, dedication, and positive influence each candidate brings to their roles.

Every Monday, Grace sends out heartening emails to candidates, beginning their week with positivity and a real feeling of inclusion. These Monday Motivational emails offer positive encouragement, reminding candidates of their potential, strengths, and the impact they can create. As one of the UK’s largest family-run recruitment agencies, we truly value the relationships we have with all our staff and this regular form of communication helps to maintain these connections.


Personal Touches That Make a Difference

As part of offering the very best candidate experience, Grace has introduced a range of thoughtful touches into her recruitment process. Since the turn of autumn, new candidates have been greeted with personalised folders containing crucial documents – their DBS and ID – alongside practical tools like pens, whiteboard markers, and notepads. However, these folders are more than just utilitarian; they symbolise a warm welcome and a commitment to setting candidates up for success right from the start.

The accompanying introduction packs also help to provide an outline of Coyle Personnel's mission, values, and the role each candidate plays in the bigger picture. Grace's focus on the individual journey of candidates marks a refreshing change from the conventional, emphasising the importance of personal growth.


Promoting a Culture of Collaboration

Beyond these impactful initiatives, Grace Gaskin is also looking to build a community of unity and celebration. The introduction of the "Golden Ticket" initiative underscores her commitment to not just recognising excellence but also fostering camaraderie and collaboration among all employees. This initiative serves as a reminder that every member of the Coyle Education team contributes to the collective success, and their efforts are celebrated.

As well as the “Golden Ticket” scheme, Grace and her team also deliver two-types of complimentary workshops. These 45-minute to 1-hour long workshops are aimed at Year 11 students and cover two main topics: CV Writing Skills & Structuring and Interview Techniques. These workshops empower Year 11 students with valuable skills and knowledge that are essential for their future career development. By enhancing their CV writing and interview skills, Grace helps these young individuals feel more confident and prepared as they enter the job market.


Equipping Employees with the Correct Skillset

Grace Gaskin’s impact extends beyond the visible initiatives. She understands that empowerment is multifaceted. Under her guidance, Coyle Education offers Certified CPD Training Courses, ensuring educators are equipped with the latest tools and techniques. Thorough skill evaluations pave the way for educators to take confident strides in their careers. Flexibility isn't just a word here; it's a cornerstone principle that ensures educators can learn in ways that suit their individual lifestyles.


A Support System that Nurtures Success

With the provision of resources like the "Introduction into Supply Teaching pack," "Expectations of our staff pack," and safeguarding documents, she offers a compass to educators as they navigate their roles which act as more than just surface-level gestures. These resources are not just documents; they signify a commitment to educators' well-being and professional growth.

Furthermore, Grace's team provides 24/7 1:1 Consultant Support, ensuring that educators have guidance at every step. This robust support system underscores her dedication to empowering candidates with the tools they need to excel.


Advocating the Importance of Mental Health

As a fully qualified Mental Health First Aider, Grace provides essential support to her team’s mental well-being at the Chelmsford office. Grace's presence ensures that her team and Coyle Education's staff have access to immediate support for their mental well-being. This support can be crucial in times of stress, anxiety, or personal crises, helping individuals cope with their challenges effectively.

Her continued commitment to mental health support contributes to a positive organisational culture at Coyle Education. This can attract and retain talented employees who value a company's commitment to employee well-being; something we believe to be of true importance.


A Celebration of Grace’s Efforts

Grace's leadership within the Coyle Education team sets a remarkable precedent for the Champions of Social Value at Coyle Personnel. She embodies the organisation's ethos, turning it into action that empowers, celebrates, and nurtures individuals. Grace's initiatives are helping to shape a future where candidates and clients are more than just beneficiaries – they're active participants in a community of purpose and growth. With her as the inaugural Champion of Social Value, the path ahead for Coyle Personnel’s social value leaders is illuminated by her tremendous efforts.


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