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Coyle Homecare Stands in Support of Carers Rights Day

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

23 November, 2023

Every year, Carers UK dedicates the 23rd of November to raising awareness of carers’ rights and this year, Coyle Homecare are standing united with organisations across the country to show support for our carers. Whether an individual has recently become a carer for a family member, or they’ve been working for an established agency for numerous years, it’s important they have access to the necessary support they may require.

In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of Carers Rights Day, showcase Coyle Homecare’s shared commitment to supporting our invaluable homecare workers, and outline our vision for a future where all carers are not just recognised, but also valued and appreciated.

What is Carers Rights Day?

Carers Rights Day is not just another date in the diary; it's an opportunity for care providers to come together and share important information and support with the homecare community. It offers a lifeline to individuals who may have recently stepped into the role of a carer or those who have been silently fulfilling this crucial responsibility without the adequate support they require.

This day is about ensuring that every carer, regardless of their journey, understands their rights and can access the necessary support whenever they need it. From workplace rights to education, health, and social care, Carers Rights Day plays a pivotal role in challenging circumstances where rights may not be met.

At Coyle Homecare, we understand that choosing the right homecare provider for your loved ones is a decision that requires careful consideration. It’s why we not only provide the highest quality of care, tailored to the unique needs of everyone we serve, but also offer the upmost support to our carers so they can deliver the best possible care.

Our Shared Commitment to Supporting Our Workforce

Our team of experienced homecare recruiters understand the profound impact of the caregiving role, and we are committed to supporting our invaluable homecare workers. We’re hoping to go beyond this specific awareness day and make a daily effort to ensuring that our dedicated workforce is aware of and can access the support they need. Through tailored initiatives, programs, and policies, we aim to not only recognise the efforts of our homecare workers but also provide tangible support that makes a difference in their lives.

Coyle Homecare encourage a culture of continuous learning, providing regular training sessions to ensure that care professionals are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge in healthcare. Additionally, we emphasise the importance of open communication and actively seek feedback from our care professionals, creating a collaborative environment where their insights are valued. The company also offers competitive compensation packages, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of its caregiving staff.


Continuing the Campaign for Better Carers’ Rights

Coyle Homecare believe in a better future for all carers, regardless of the type of the care they provide. Our goals include greater recognition and support for individuals identifying as carers, clear rights to prevent discrimination based on caring responsibilities, and supporting those interested in a career in care to progress into professional roles.

We offer all our carers flexible working patterns so they can also look after their own family members, as well as others. We also provide tailored care plans to meet the unique needs and preferences of everyone, making the life of our carers easier and ensuring the highest degree of care is delivered. Finally, we envision consistent recognition, involvement, and support from the UK healthcare system, so carers gain access to the best possible assistance whenever possible.


Supporting Our Carers All Year Round

This Carers Rights Day, Coyle Homecare reaffirms its upmost support for all our carers, recognising the invaluable contributions they make to our communities. By actively participating in this significant awareness day, we aim to amplify the voices of carers across the country, shedding light on their rights and the essential support they deserve.

If you’re a carer or interested in pursuing a career in care, then we invite you to visit our dedicated homecare page or reach out to us today to explore rewarding opportunities and be a part of a team committed to making a meaningful impact. Together, let's continue the journey towards a future where every carer is not just acknowledged but truly appreciated.

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