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Coyle Personnel Achieves Gold Level Membership Status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

17 November, 2023

As a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS), Coyle Personnel are delighted to announce that we’ve just achieved Gold Membership Status after another year of successfully engaging with the school, making use of their resources and demonstrating an increase in sustainability competence.

The SCSS aims to upskill those working within the built environment sector and provides free learning resources covering three core topics of sustainability. The vision of the school is to create “an industry where everyone will have the skills and knowledge to deliver a sustainable future.”

How we achieved Gold Level Membership Status

Over the last 12 months, Coyle Personnel have prioritised the use of the school's e-learning resources, making it a mandatory part of our onboarding process, ensuring that even new employees are engaged with sustainability from day one. Furthermore, we have leveraged the school's benchmarking tool to evaluate our sustainability performance in comparison to industry averages, providing invaluable insights into areas where we can further enhance our environmental and social responsibility efforts.

It's the interactive engagement with the school, however, that has truly propelled us to the Gold Level status. Through participation in webinars, conferences, and a wide array of resources offered by the school, we have honed our sustainability initiatives and embraced innovative practices that underscore our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. This achievement represents not only our dedication to sustainability but also the collaborative partnership we maintain with the SCSS.

How we’ve utilised the Supply Chain Sustainability School

Since achieving Gold Level Membership with the SCSS, Coyle Personnel has been proactive in utilising the wealth of resources and knowledge provided by the school. Zara Woodman, our Social Value Lead, has played a pivotal role in spearheading initiatives that align with our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

For instance, we've embarked on supply chain mapping for modern slavery, a practice Zara learned about through the school's e-learning modules. This entails a diligent assessment of our suppliers' modern slavery policies and a comprehensive evaluation of their suppliers' adherence to such policies, effectively contributing to the ongoing battle against modern slavery.

Coyle Personnel are also continuing to look at ways to improve diversity and inclusivity within our organisation. We're currently in the process of crafting a diversity survey to monitor these aspects both internally and externally. This endeavour has been underscored by Zara's participation in a SCSS-hosted conference, which emphasised the significance of conducting such surveys. In line with these objectives, the SCSS also offers diversity and inclusion e-learning, which we plan to roll out to our entire workforce.

Finally, we have distributed 'toolbox' talks, sourced from the SCSS, as part of our monthly Social Value email communications. These talks serve as a valuable resource for our staff, disseminating insights and best practices from the school to reinforce our commitment to social responsibility.


How we plan to utilise the Supply Chain Sustainability School Moving Forwards

Looking ahead, Coyle Personnel is steadfast in its commitment to not only maintain but elevate its standing with the SCSS. Our ambition is to not only attain but consistently uphold the gold member standard, signalling our unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Building on the foundation laid by employees who have completed specific e-learning modules, we are poised to broaden our engagement by delving into additional topics and actively participating in webinars. Moreover, we have instituted a protocol mandating that all new recruits undergo e-learning on designated subjects within their initial two weeks, ensuring that sustainability is ingrained in the onboarding process.

In our ongoing collaboration with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we envision the introduction of new e-learning modules covering crucial topics such as paper consumption, PPE disposal, and fundamental recycling practices. These additions align with our strategic goals to further reduce our environmental impact and promote responsible resource management.

Looking beyond environmental considerations, we also recognise the need for education on NEET scenarios. Coyle Personnel aspires to see resources that shed light on the complexities of NEET situations and emphasise the benefits of hiring NEET candidates.


Creating a Lasting Impact

By continually expanding our engagement with the Supply Chain Sustainability School and advocating for the development of relevant e-learning resources, Coyle Personnel is poised to make lasting strides in sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social impact, reinforcing our commitment to being a responsible corporate organisation.

If you, or your organisation, are looking for a responsible recruitment partner which possesess the skills and knowledge to deliver a sustainable future, then submit a vacancy or enquiry form today. Alternatively, if you're looking for a new role, visit our job board to see the latest available opportunities.

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