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Social Value

Coyle Personnel Invests in Mental Health First Aiders

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

22 August, 2023

In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding world, the importance of prioritising health and wellbeing cannot be overstated. Beyond mere financial success, businesses today are recognising their role in contributing to the overall welfare of their employees and the communities they serve.

As a dedicated recruitment agency, Coyle Personnel understands the profound impact of health and wellbeing on both its internal staff and the workers it places. As a part of our broader Social Value plan, we have taken considerable strides to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of our workforce, with a particular focus on mental health. In this article, we explore Coyle's initiatives to promote health and wellbeing, emphasising our investment in Mental Health First Aiders, employee benefits, and innovative wellness programs.


Promoting Mental Health First Aid: A Vital Support System

Mental health is an essential facet of overall wellbeing, and Coyle Personnel recognises this reality. To showcase our commitment, we have in this year alone, invested just under £9,000 in training several fully qualified Mental Health First Aiders. These compassionate individuals are equipped with the skills to provide initial support to individuals grappling with mental health issues or emotional distress. By offering a listening ear, empathetic guidance, and appropriate resources, Mental Health First Aiders play a pivotal role in offering support and destigmatising mental health struggles.

Coyle Personnel believes that the wellbeing of every employee is a high priority. The presence of Mental Health First Aiders ensures that every member of their team, from internal staff to external workers, has a support network to turn to in times of need. By fostering an environment where seeking help is encouraged, we hope to not only improve the lives of our employees but also set an example for other organisations to follow.


Comprehensive Support Ecosystem: Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

In addition to their investment in Mental Health First Aiders, Coyle Personnel also offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as part of our commitment to Health and Wellbeing. This program provides a diverse range of support services to help employees navigate challenges and maintain their mental health. Whether it's dealing with work-related stress, personal issues, or any other concern, the EAP ensures that every employee has access to professional guidance and resources.

Coyle's dedication to holistic employee care is evident in their plan to promote the EAP further by placing informational posters around all of our offices. By encouraging employees to take advantage of this valuable resource, we are taking a proactive step towards creating a workplace culture that values mental health and emotional wellness.


Embracing Innovation: 'My Healthy Advantage' App

In a digitally driven world, Coyle Personnel is harnessing technology to enhance our employees' wellbeing through the introduction of the 'My Healthy Advantage' app. This cutting-edge tool empowers users to take charge of their mental and physical health by setting personalised goals and tracking achievements. By utilising personal metrics, the app provides a comprehensive range of wellbeing tools, fostering a proactive approach to health management.

The app's engaging features create a sense of ownership over one's wellbeing journey, making it an invaluable addition to Coyle's health and wellbeing initiatives. By promoting this app among our staff, we hope to encourage our employees to take proactive steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Empowering Physical Wellbeing: Health and Wellness Initiatives

Coyle Personnel's commitment to health and wellbeing extends beyond just mental health support. Our innovative initiatives also aim to enhance our workforce’s physical wellbeing, creating a harmonious balance between mental and physical health.

The "Cycle Scheme," which has witnessed a remarkable 500% increase in usage over the past six months, encourages employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle by opting for cycling. This initiative not only contributes to reducing carbon footprint but also promotes cardiovascular health and physical activity. Additionally, the partnership with Pirkx, our employee benefits provider, offers staff access to free health consultations. With over 3000 minutes spent on company-provided GP appointments, Coyle's investment of over £10,000 underscores our dedication to ensuring employees' physical wellbeing.


Health, Wellbeing, and Coyle Personnel's Social Value Commitment

Our dedication to health and wellbeing aligns seamlessly with our broader Social Value plan, which is being driven by our Social Value lead, Zara Woodman. By fostering a workplace culture that champions wellbeing, Coyle Personnel is not only ensuring the welfare of their employees but also contributing positively to the communities they operate in. As businesses worldwide recognise the importance of Social Value, we hope to become an example of an organisation that goes above and beyond to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those they serve.

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