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Coyle Personnel's Nominations at the 2023 Rail Staff Awards

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

5 October, 2023

Every year, the UK rail industry relies on the dedication and hard work of its countless individuals and teams who keep the nation's rail network running smoothly. The RailStaff Awards, which commenced in 2007, are an annual tribute to these unsung heroes. From freight and depot staff to recruitment and talent acquisition teams, the skilled engineers to the welcoming station staff, this is where their careers and achievements are recognised and celebrated.

In 2023, Coyle Personnel is proud to announce the nominations of several of its exceptional employees at the prestigious Rail Staff Awards. These individuals have consistently gone above and beyond, contributing to the excellence that the rail industry demands.

Rail Manager of the Year Nominee:


Jaimie Butel-Foley


Jaimie Butel-Foley

The Rail Manager of the Year award is a testament to exceptional leadership and professionalism. It recognises those who exhibit outstanding leadership skills and go the extra mile for their team. Jaimie Butel-Foley, our Resourcer Manager at Coyle Rail, has already received an impressive nine nominations for this distinguished accolade. Jaimie's unwavering commitment is evident in her relentless drive to empower her staff to reach new heights. She's not confined to the office walls; even on her days off and public holidays, Jaimie remains accessible, ready to assist her workers without hesitation.

A telling example of Jaimie's dedication is when she embarked on a 100-mile round trip on her day off to provide a team with crucial PPE for a midnight shift. Her 10+ years of experience in the rail industry have garnered the utmost respect from her colleagues. Jaimie's work ethic is second to none, and her leadership skills shine as a manager. She has fostered a strong team bond in the office and adds a personal touch by remembering that everyone has a life outside of the railway. She genuinely cares about her team, asking about their families and celebrating life events like weddings and births.

Click here to vote Jaimie for the Rail Manager of the Year award.


Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team Nominees:



Phil Gittins

The Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team award recognises those who tirelessly support clients and candidates. It applauds professionals who tackle the myriad challenges that come with organising labour. Phil Gittins, with a remarkable 19 nominations, embodies these qualities. He consistently goes above and beyond to source the right candidate for the right role, demonstrating honesty and dedication to his workforce.

Over his eight years at Coyle Personnel, Phil has built a strong team of workers and clients. He provides a first-class service to rail clients and is a true ambassador to the rail industry. Phil's excellent communication skills, professionalism, and considerate approach make him confident when dealing with both clients and candidates. Beyond his role, Phil helps colleagues across the business and is known for his approachability.

Click here to vote Phil for the Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team award.



Rachel McDermott

Rachel McDermott is another Coyle Personnel employee nominated in the Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team category. As a resource support assistant, Rachel is known for her exceptional customer service skills. She's quick to respond to worker's questions and concerns, ensuring that all needs are met. Rachel's dedication to her role and the people she serves makes her an asset to the Coyle Personnel team.

Click here to vote Rachel for the Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team award.


Coyle Rail Blue Collar North Team


Coyle Rail Blue Collar North Team

The Coyle Rail Blue Collar North Team is another nominee for the Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team award, further highlighting the agency's significant impact on the UK rail industry. Led by Phil Cambridge, who boasts over 30 years of rail industry experience, the team excels in responding to inquiries from individuals looking to become sponsored as rail operatives.

Phil Cambridge's extensive experience in business development and client liaison has been crucial to the agency's commercial stability. His knowledge allows him to fully understand client needs and provide efficient solutions to meet those needs.

As a team, their commitment to clear communication, efficient resource allocation, and a primary focus on health and safety are second to none. Not only do they prioritise safety, but they also care about the personal well-being and welfare of their team, knowing that a happy team is a safe and productive team. Phil, Jaimie, and Becky work tirelessly to ensure their workers have regular, quality work and are available at all hours to address any questions or concerns.

Click here to vote the Coyle Rail Blue Collar North Team for the Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team award.


Apprentice or Newcomer of the Year Award


Rebecca Gray


Rebecca Gray

In addition to our seasoned professionals, Coyle Personnel is thrilled to announce Rebecca Gray's nomination for the Apprentice or Newcomer of the Year award. This award spotlights the exceptional contributions of individuals who are new to the rail industry or have taken the courageous leap to switch careers and embark on a journey as an apprentice. These remarkable individuals have demonstrated unparalleled skills, determination, and professional achievements.

Rebecca's journey to the rail industry is truly inspiring. With a background in hairdressing and no prior experience in rail or recruitment, her exceptional performance is nothing short of impressive. She has successfully built a regular workforce of both civil and P-way staff, guiding them from blue hat to white hat status. Rebecca's commitment to giving people an opportunity at the beginning of their rail career is a testament to her passion for nurturing talent in the industry. She's also been growing her understanding of the rail sector week by week, reflecting her dedication to constant improvement.

Rebecca's dedication to self-improvement is evident in her recent completion of her NVQ, where she achieved a distinction, all while managing a busy working week. Her commitment to obtaining her PTS further underscores her ambition to make a significant impact within the industry. Rebecca's punctuality, her respect for deadlines, and her consistently high coursework scores reveal her unwavering dedication to her chosen path.

Throughout her coursework, Rebecca achieved 100% on every single piece of work without requiring resubmissions. Her coursework was marked by a deep understanding of the knowledge she gained from webinars and her ability to apply that knowledge effectively to her work. Rebecca's journey is a testament to the dedication, enthusiasm, and honesty that the rail industry needs more of. We look forward to seeing her in the orange army soon, making a lasting mark in the world of rail.

Click here to vote Rebecca for the Apprentice or Newcomer of the Year award.


The Importance of Recognising Excellence in the Rail Industry

Coyle Personnel is fortunate to have a remarkable team of employees who have been nominated for the 2023 Rail Staff Awards. Their dedication and hard work in the rail industry do not go unnoticed. If you believe there are other deserving individuals within Coyle Personnel, now is your chance to recognise and celebrate their contributions. You can nominate them for the Rail Staff Awards at https://www.railstaffawards.com/event/2023/nominate before the 11th of October 2023.

We extend our congratulations to all the Coyle Personnel nominees. Your dedication to excellence in the rail industry is truly commendable, and we look forward to the results of the 2023 Rail Staff Awards. The impact you've made is a testament to the excellence that Coyle Personnel strives for every day.

Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and commitment to keeping our railways running smoothly. We're proud to have you all as members of the Coyle Personnel team.

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