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Education Jobs: Gain experience and earn as a graduate

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5 April, 2022

Gaining valuable working experience as a graduate isn’t the easiest thing to achieve in the beginning. Depending on what industry you hope to enter, some roles are easier to get than others. Landing that dream job requires time, effort and perseverance.

Most graduates work throughout (as well as after) university in many different jobs in order to support themselves. Once graduated, dividing personal time between work, applying for jobs in your desired industry and trying to get the relevant experience required for that industry can prove to be very challenging.

One of the best ways of addressing this is by working in an industry where you can gain highly relevant and transferable skills. For the vast majority of graduates, the education sector represents one of the best industries where this can be achieved.

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Working as a graduate in the education sector

Working in the education sector represents one of the best ways for graduates to gain valuable experience in their specialist subjects. From the high transferability of soft skills to working in highly professional environments, landing a job in the education sector brings many advantages for graduates. Some of the biggest advantages are the development of highly transferable and industry-specific skills.

The development of highly transferable soft skills

Cover supervisor roles require some of the most sought-after soft skills across any industry. Being employed in such a role helps not only develop these skills but also provides a proven record of successfully applying them in a professional environment. Some of the most relevant skills developed as a cover supervisor are:

Communication - Cover supervisors are in constant communication with pupils. From ensuring constructive working environments to answering questions from pupils on the work they are completing, or the subject being covered, communication plays a central part in this role. It is also a key skill across every professional industry.

Adaptability, flexibility and patience - Managing a classroom in the absence of a teacher and ensuring that pupils complete their work requires adaptability, flexibility and patience. Successfully using these skills towards facilitating a productive working environment can provide successful experience for building a great CV.

Planning and organisation - Being able to successfully cover a teacher requires a certain level of familiarisation with the current progress of the subject, a plan on how to deliver the lesson efficiently as well as great organisation. All highly valuable skills in today’s professional world.  

Industry-specific benefits

Deciding to become part of the education industry has many benefits for graduates who require a steady income, time to search for their dream job, as well as time to enjoy themselves. At Coyle Education we offer all of the following benefits:

Flexibility - Cover supervisor roles are highly flexible and are a great opportunity for anyone looking for a great work-life balance.

Great rates - Enjoy great daily pay rates based on experience, qualifications and type of employment.   

Choose your shifts - Have complete control over the way you organise your week and plan according to your needs and preferences.

Registering with Coyle Education

At Coyle Education, we have an abundance of cover supervisor jobs that could provide graduates with the valuable experience they need to get into their industries. We are recruiting for many cover supervisor roles for secondary schools all across the UK, and these positions combine the flexibility of supply with the opportunity of gaining brilliant experience for your CV. Interested? Register with Coyle Education today to find out more about the many benefits of joining Coyle Education as a graduate.

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