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My experience working as a Locum Doctor for Coyle Medical

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

17 February, 2023

At Coyle Doctors, we not only supply nurses and healthcare workers to public and private settings, but also specialise in placing Doctors into a variety of roles. Whether it’s a Foundation Year 1 doctor or an experienced consultant, we’ve successfully placed candidates into the very best roles across the UK.

As an organisation, we’re extremely proud to share the positive experiences of our current employees and delighted to share the recent responses of Sadie Chambers (an active Locum Doctor for Coyle Doctors) who spoke with our team just a few weeks ago:


How long have you been working as a Doctor for Coyle?

“I’ve been working for Coyle Doctors for almost two years now. In that time, I’ve worked in multiple healthcare environments and thoroughly enjoyed my day-to-day experience as a doctor”.

What made you switch to agency work?

“It’s certainly something you don’t really consider when starting out as a doctor. I think a lot of people like the stability of a permanent full-time position but for myself I needed more flexibility and agency work gave me that opportunity. I now have the flexibility to travel to other countries when it suits me best and work more shifts at other times so I can remain financially secure.”

How’s your experience been working with Coyle Doctors?

“Working with Coyle Doctors is a breath of fresh air. The experience so far has been pleasant and rewarding and a far cry from my previous employment. The added flexibility, along with increased pay rates makes work more appealing. Coyle Doctors have helped me to enjoy my job once again!”

Have you found there to be a better work-life balance since working with Coyle?

“Agency work suits me as it allows me to choose when I want to work, so I am not tied down to a commitment across the year. I used to always find it hard to keep track of my annual leave allowance and book time off at short-notice. Now I don’t have to worry about how much holiday I have or when I can go away, it’s simply in my hands!”

Is there regular work available and how local is it?

“I live in Ealing in West London and Coyle consistently finds me persistent work within the M25, usually up to a maximum of an hour away. Often, I’ll work within one hospital for a few months until I fancy a change of environment and request the team for a new setting. In less than a day I can be relocated and placed into another role of my preference without any unnecessary fuss.”

What benefits do you receive as part of working for Coyle Doctors?

“High rates of pay naturally stands out. The work can be extremely draining and exhausting but with Coyle Medical I know that I’ll receive the pay I deserve and on a weekly basis. As a Doctor for Coyle, I also receive ongoing support when it comes to appraisals revalidations and the relevant guidance I need to succeed in my field.”

Do you feel supported by the team at Coyle Doctors?

“Definitely! I’m in constant communication with Thomas (A member of the Coyle Doctors team) who is extremely knowledgeable and always has my best interests at heart. If I’m wanting to pick up a few more shifts, I’ll simply get in touch with the team and they’ll find me more work in a short space of time.”

Would you recommend Coyle Doctors to a colleague?

“Without hesitation. I’m always recommending Coyle Doctors to colleagues on my ward and have several friends who have already started as a Locum Doctor. Of course, it’s not for everyone but in most cases, Doctors are simply unaware that there is a better alternative available. I’ll never go back to working in full-time permanent employment again.”


Coyle Doctors offer the continued support you deserve.

Knowing our doctors are fully satisfied in their roles is our utmost priority. At Coyle Doctors, we aim to catch-up our doctors monthly to see how they’re finding the work they receive and if there’s anything they’d like to be different. Hearing the positive experiences of employees like Sadie make us extremely proud and passionate about continuing to deliver a suitable alternative for healthcare professionals.

To find out how you can begin your career as a Locum Doctor, get in touch with a member of our team or view jobs available in your area! Alternatively, find out more about what we do at Coyle Doctors by visiting our dedicated website.

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