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Q&A with Zara Woodman: Coyle Personnel's New Social Value Lead

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

6 July, 2023

At Coyle Personnel, social value has become a central focus within the organisation. As a testament to our commitment, Coyle Personnel has achieved the Level 1 Quality Mark, reflecting our dedication to creating positive social impact. Today, we sit down with Zara Woodman, our newly appointed Social Value Lead, to discuss her role, Coyle Personnel's integration of social value into the core operations, our specific initiatives and collaboration strategies, as well as our future aspirations.


As the new Social Value Lead at Coyle Personnel, could you please outline the key responsibilities of your role?

As the Social Value Lead, my primary responsibilities revolve around ensuring that Coyle Personnel achieves its social value targets and makes a meaningful difference in the community. This involves developing strong relationships with external organisations that share our values, collecting crucial data and measurements from our internal staff, and representing Coyle Personnel in meetings with clients and stakeholders. I also contribute to the tender process when social value information is required, as well as support the Marketing team in showcasing our social value activities.


What motivated Coyle Personnel to place a strong emphasis on social value and prioritise it within the organisation?

Coyle Personnel recognises the significance of social value on multiple fronts. First and foremost, emphasising social value helps us build a more inclusive society where equal opportunities are available to all. By prioritising social value, we can actively contribute to reducing inequality, addressing social and environmental issues, and enhancing the overall well-being of our employees, onsite workers, and local communities. Ultimately, our focus on social value shapes Coyle Personnel into a fairer, more sustainable, and empathetic organisation that prioritises the greater good over profit.


How do you plan to integrate social value into the core operations of Coyle Personnel?

To integrate social values into our core operations, we first need a clear understanding of our social mission and the positive impact we aim to create. We will assess and evaluate the potential social, environmental, and economic impacts of our activities, identifying areas for positive change and areas where we can minimise negative effects. Collaboration and engagement with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and local communities, play a key role. By involving them in decision-making processes and seeking their input on social initiatives, we ensure that our efforts align with their needs and expectations. Setting measurable goals, fostering ethical and sustainable practices, supporting causes, and regularly measuring and communicating our impact will be key to integrating social values effectively.


Can you share some specific initiatives or projects that you envision implementing to drive social value within the company?

We have several exciting initiatives in the pipeline to drive social value at Coyle Personnel. One key focus is helping the NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) community by partnering with training providers and public service organisations. This partnership will enable us to provide support and opportunities for individuals to gain employment and enhance their lives. Additionally, each of our offices will choose a local charity or initiative to partner with, where we will extend financial support, contribute in-kind, and actively volunteer our time and skills. These initiatives empower us to make a tangible and positive impact in the communities where we operate.


What strategies do you have in mind to collaborate with clients, candidates, and stakeholders to create a positive impact on society?

As an organisation, we plan to foster open and transparent communication channels with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs and establish shared objectives aligned with our social and environmental causes. Furthermore, embracing diversity and inclusivity in decision-making processes will ensure fair representation of various perspectives, further enhancing our collective impact on society. Together, with the active involvement of our clients, candidates, and stakeholders, we can achieve meaningful and sustainable change that positively impacts society.


How will you measure the success and impact of Coyle Personnel's social value initiatives?

To measure the success and impact of Coyle Personnel's social value initiatives, we have established key value indicators (KVIs) aligned with our goals and aspirations. These KVIs serve as benchmarks for our progress and guide our efforts. Regular assessments will help us determine whether we are achieving our intended outcomes and adjust if needed. Feedback from stakeholders will be sought to identify areas for improvement. By actively seeking their input and incorporating their advice, we can identify areas that require improvement and make necessary adjustments.


In what ways do you plan to engage and educate Coyle Personnel's employees about the importance of social values and their role in contributing to the company's social impact?

I plan to involve as many employees as possible in the decision-making processes related to social value. Monthly emails will update employees on our social value activities and impacts, while quarterly emails from our director will reinforce the importance of social value. We will also provide visual representations, such as charts and graphs, to showcase our social impact. Moreover, we are implementing e-learning activities for all employees, covering topics like Introduction to Social Value, Responding to Modern Slavery, and an Introduction to Climate Change and Carbon. These educational resources ensure that every employee understands the importance of social value and its role in driving our social impact.


Looking ahead, what are the future aspirations for Coyle Personnel regarding social value and its integration into the business model?

As we look to the future, Coyle Personnel has ambitious plans to further enhance its social value initiatives and integrate them into our business model. We acknowledge that there is room for improvement in recording and documenting our social value activities. To address this, we are committed to capturing and transparently documenting both our positive contributions and areas where improvements are needed. By doing so, we gain valuable insights that guide our progress and drive us towards achieving our goals. We will continuously strive to improve our KVIs year by year, adapting and adding new ones as necessary.


Coyle Personnel's dedication to social value is evident through our Level 1 Quality Mark achievement. With Zara Woodman as the Social Value Lead, the company is poised to make a long-lasting impact. By integrating social value into our core operations, continuously measuring its success, and engaging all our employees, Coyle Personnel is driving positive change and working towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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