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Social Value

Spring’s Champion of Social Value: Terry Hall (Coyle Construction)

Written by

Eric Smith

Date posted

4 July, 2024

Coyle Personnel has continued to take strides towards its social value goals over the past few months, as several of our employees embarked on charitable events such as the Railway Sleepout, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and the Tough Mudder. By prioritising these social and community initiatives, we’ve helped to give back to local charities and contribute to the overall well-being of our community.

Following on from Carolyn Davy’s environmental efforts during the winter months, the focus of our Champion of Social Value for Spring now turns to the construction industry as we announce Terry Hall, a Trades & Labour Consultant at Coyle Construction, as our most recent winner of the award.


Building Heroes Event:

Coyle Personnel believe in creating opportunities that not only uplift individuals but also contribute to the growth and vitality of our overall society. We have the potential to create positive change in the recruitment sector and Terry Hall has been a torch bearer in supporting army veterans to get back into the civilian workforce.

During the month of May, Terry had the opportunity to speak on behalf of Building Heroes, an organisation that provides skills training to Military Veterans, at one of their bi-monthly courses. Terry was able to connect with veterans to learn about their post-service experiences and discuss their options for gaining additional qualifications and employment. The end goal being to encourage them to enrol onto a six-part course that would equip them with a level 1 Property Maintenance qualification and a coveted CSCS card.

One of Coyle Personnel’s social value pledges is to provide opportunities to get people into the workplace who are NEET (not in education, employment or training). Thanks to the efforts of Terry and the rest of the Coyle Construction team, we are making significant progress towards achieving our target for 2024.


Reed Restart Scheme:

Our social value pledges also focus on supporting those are long-term unemployed or a mother returning to work. The Reed Restart scheme provide a wide range of support options, including skills training, job application and interview preparation to individuals in this position. Terry Hall attended one of the Restart Scheme’s events in Chelmsford to help encourage those who have been long-term unemployed to explore a career in construction.

Terry led a presentation and Q&A session about what struggles candidates face when trying to gain employment and the possibilities of a career in the construction industry. Our third pledge under the employment and volunteering section of our social value plan looks to encourage young people to join the rail and construction industry. By partnering with the Reed Restart Scheme, Coyle Personnel is helping to offer training to young individuals so they can gain the skills they need to build a career in the construction industry.


Planning into the Future:

As well as the recent events Terry has attended over the course of Spring, he also has several more events lined up in the coming months in partnership with other local training providers. In 2023, Coyle Personnel set up several partnerships to collect baseline data and we plan to review the progress of this data in 2024 and set targets for future years to come.

Already this year, Terry has had 26 NEET recruits come from the Reed Restart scheme and a further NEET recruit that applied directly. In fact, across the entirety of Coyle Personnel, we’ve registered 187 NEETs/long-term unemployed or ex-offenders since January 2023. Terry is hopeful that he can continue to improve these statistics over the next few months to meet our targets for the year of 2024.

Terry has also investigated initiatives with the Salvation Army to help those who are homeless find their way back into work. Through all his event planning, Terry has quickly become the leading presence for Coyle Construction when it comes to social value.


Celebrating Terry’s Social Value Efforts

Terry Hall's dedication to supporting individuals seeking employment in the construction industry makes him a deserving recipient of the Spring's Champion of Social Value Award. His efforts not only contribute to Coyle Personnel's social value goals but also demonstrate the power of individual initiative in promoting a more prosperous construction industry. Terry's leadership and genuine enthusiasm serve as an inspiration to his colleagues and pave the way for a brighter future for those seeking careers in construction.

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