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Last modified

21 September, 2023

Tips to aid you through the revalidation process

Revalidation Tips

  1. First and foremost, attend a Coyles revalidation training session. It will count towards your participatory CPD hours, and will give you a huge boost to your confidence for revalidation!

  2. Give yourself at least 6 months to complete your revalidation. Remember, it’s not just a case of pulling your paperwork together, you also need to allow the sub-conscious part of your mind to prepare your reflective pieces.

  3. Keep a diary of previous appraisals, and when your confirmation is due. Discuss revalidation plans at your Coyles annual appraisal. Make sure you know the options available to you through Coyles. Ask questions and make notes so that you’re clear on the process and what is required.

  4. If your revalidation is drawing closer, get your Confirmation appointment booked now to sign off your portfolio. If you are intending to use Coyles as your Third Party Confirmer don’t leave it until last minute. To book your Confirmation Appointment email us at; info.revalidation@coyles.co.uk.

  5. Always link your discussions, reflections, and feedback to the NMC code. Your Appraiser and Confirmer will be looking at how your have connected the two (Prioritise people, Practice effectively, Preserve safety, Promote professionalism and trust).

  6. Keep all of your training certificates in one place and add your reflections to the back of the certificate whilst they are fresh in your mind. They’ll help when you need to add your reflections to your portfolio.

  7. Don’t just read articles before your revalidation is due; take the time to digest some throughout the year and save them on your computer. It’s also a good idea to make notes as and when you read them, so that you can come back to your reflections in the future.

  8. Look out for support groups, forums and interactive sessions. They’ll often be conducted by Nurses that have undergone the process or know it inside out.

  9. Collect feedback from colleagues and people that you have worked with. If you have a good rapport with a patient, ask them for some feedback, but always get consent first. Remember your Coyles timesheet is one great way to collect feedback!

  10. Take part in questionnaires and surveys as and when they come up. Have your say in ways of improving future processes. To find out more about revalidation and how it affects you see our Revalidation Guidance Sheet

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